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Academic Workshops and training for technical professionals

Workshops are tailored to meet clients learning outcome goals and delivered in English for culturally diverse multinational teams and groups. Kim is a permanent Adjunct Faculty member for the International Space University and the Global Space Institute.

The following represents a small selection of workshops and training that Kim has completed for industry. 

  • Boots on Marsworkshop for the International Space University, Space Studies Program 2017, Cork Ireland co-presented with Tracy Gill, Strategic Research Director NASA KSC and Josie Burnett, NASA KSC ISS Director.
  • Military Space Applications Workshop in co-operation with Ofer Lapid, Israeli Space Agency, ISU Board member and  member of the specialised Panel of Scientific Experts pursuant to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) Outer Space Rules since 2016.
  • Satellite Negotiations workshop Phillipe Clerc, Deputy Director in charge of legal and regulatory affairs at CNES (Centre National E'tudes Spatiales), working within the Procurement, Sales and Legal Affairs Directorate. 2015
  • Space Law and Policy Curriculum International Space University 2014 - design and delivery of Space Policy, Economics and Law curriculum for postgraduate Space Industry Professionals, 21x 3hours academic workshops, HEC Montreal, Canada. 
  • Legal Issues for Commercial Exploitation of Space Resources,  Participants discussed legal background of commercial mineral exploitation and exploration in space.  A simulated legal  case was argued by the participants highlighting some of the issues regarding NASA Apollo lunar heritage sites and proposed operational exclusion zones. 2013
  • Asteroid Sampling Mission Design Space Engineering  Workshop Co-presented with Rob Mueller, Senior Technologist at NASA - National Aeronautics & Space Administration; Co-Founder of the KSC Swamp Works, Participants discussed resource utilisation, and prepared designs in response to  RFP for robotic lunar mining and a sample return mission for asteroid composition. 2013
  • Space Habitation Design Asteroid and Lunar Mining Operations Space Humanities Workshop, Co-presented with Rob Mueller, NASA KSC, Participants discussed in-situ space resource utilization, and prepared designs in response to an RFP for a commercial lunar and asteroid mining operation. 2013
  • Space Habitat Design Facilitation Joint Space Engineering and Humanities  Workshop Co-presented with Thomas Sinn, University of Strathclyde, Regina Peldzsus, Department of Space Situational Awareness at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Space Administration, Rob Mueller, NASA KSC.     Participants discussed space Habitat design and built an analog habitat.  2013

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