John Connolly - Space Studies Program Director
Kim effectively led the Policy, Economics, and Law Department during International Space University's 2014 Space Studies Program in Montreal, Canada. As Department Chair, she crafted and successfully implemented an academic program of workshops, lectures, professional visits and individual project that exposed her international student body to an intercultural, interdisciplinary view of the aerospace sector. Ms. Ellis was an effective academic leader and teacher, and International,Space University received excellent comments from her students regarding her performance.

Ms. Ellis exemplifies the spirit of International Space University - she first attended as a student several years ago, and returned with a desire to contribute to ISU's academic staff. She was appointed to Department Chair in a competitive selection, and was eager to share her legal expertise with the ISU students. She is enthusiastic, professional, and an asset to any organization.

Gary Martin - Space Studies Program Director Partnerships at NASA Ames Research Center

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Kim Ellis, she is a technical professional who is adept at leveraging her technical, leadership and project management skills to influence decision-making and to achieve key outcomes. As a member of the core leadership and operations team for the International Space University during 2012, her ability to deal directly and influence key stakeholders within an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary team delivered significant value.
Possessing strong communication and personnel management skills, and an ability to initiate, co-ordinate and manage projects, she is able to deliver complex business process improvements and innovative ways of working. During 2013, Kim designed, developed and delivered technical and legal workshops after initiating international collaboration with NASA and ESA professionals. The technical workshops delivered techniques for new process and technology design, innovation and implementation across multiple business areas.
Kim was an excellent employee and someone that I could always count on to go the extra mile when it was needed. She is a shelf-starter who completed her work on time and created high quality products. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional competent employee and someone with an excellent work ethic.

Dr Kim Rickard - Professionals Australia

Kim’s commitment and dedication to participating in APESMA’s 2011 Mentors Online program reflected her broader engagement with science and space technology and the tremendous value she attaches to lifelong learning and self-development. She is not only passionate and committed to growing and advancing her own skills and knowledge, but inspires interest and excitement in others for careers in science and technology. Kim was also the winner of APESMA’s 2010 APESMA Connect scholarship which was awarded in support of her undertaking the Space Studies Program at the International Space University in Strasbourg – one of our most outstanding recipients to date.

Ofer Lapid, Board of Trustees International Space University

I have worked with Kim in a variety of roles since 2012 where I first met her when she served as the Deputy Academic Co-ordinator of the Space Studies Program for the International Space University. Since then we have worked together during 2014 in Montreal in the Space Policy, Economics and Law Department in Montreal, Canada and this year delivering workshops during the Space Studies program in Athens, Ohio. During this time I have observed Ms Ellis to be a meticulous professional, who works to ensure she delivers high quality outcomes for interdisciplinary legal and technical professionals. She has an extremely high level of preparedness and ensures that her projects are executed on time and on budget. I would recommend her, in particular for projects which require an additional level of attention to detail. Her extensive experience with international, interdisciplinary teams and individuals is invaluable and would make her an asset to any organisation .

Helen Clare - ABC1233 Radio

Kim has this knack of explaining matters of science and space technology in everyday terms that non scientists- us ordinary people- can actually understand! Not only that, but she makes it relevant to your life. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for what she does makes you want to know and care more about the possibilities for space technology to become ever more real and relevant to life here and now, rather than some pie-in-the sky futuristic vision.

John Logsdon - United States Space Policy Analyst and Historian

Kim is an extremely personable, articulate, well-organized woman. I have interacted with her in the context of several International Space University sessions as a student, lecturer, chair of the policy economics and law department, and SSP manager. She always stresses excellence in her performance and sensitivity to the priorities of others.

Kathryn Raaker, Syndicated Talk Radio and Television Host

Kim Ellis, Scientist, Designer, Educator, and Mother soon to be an Attorney is the most talented, innovative and inspirational, creative individual I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with over the last six years. I recently met up with Kim in Florida and completed a TV show with her on Space Technology. As a Space Enthusiast, myself I became enthralled as she took me on a journey into her world of our Universe. She made the most complicated processes about space travel and technology uncomplicated and exciting and had me craving for more knowledge about our planets and the Universe.
As a hydrometallurgy, process chemistry and space technology resource application expert, her love and excitement of the field entices others to gravitate to learning more about the field of Space Technology, from mentoring students to assisting other in the process of understanding complicated scientific information about space travel and discoveries of the Universe.  I encourage you to sponsor her for this upcoming years training.

Pat Gibson, Assistant Secretary Nelson Bay Smith Family VIEW club

"The ladies of the Nelson Bay VIEW Club were delighted when Kim agreed to be our March guest speaker. Here was a local mother of two who had won a scholarship to study at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France! Amazing!

We were not dissapointed... Kim tailored her talk to suit her audience, she told us of her background, of her career aspirations, of applying without any great expectations for the scholarship-and the excitement at being selected for the program.
Most of the ladies had little knowledge of "space" but Kim was able to describe in layman's terms some of the scientific advances that have been made and she described the different aspects that the students would be nominating to study in France. 

The ladies were particularly interested in her aim of applying the knowledge of space technology to sustainable life here on earth, and her aim to employ her future legal knowledge to ensure harmonious relations worldwide in outer space. (She has recently embarked on a course of legal studies).
We were carried along by the warmth and enthusiasm of Kim's presentation and eagerly look forward to a 'followup" session on her return!"

Dr Carl Leonard,  Lecturer (Casual) - Faculty of Education & Arts - School of Education The University of Newcastle

 Sincere thanks for your excellent presentations to our Stage 2 and 3 students.  Your knowledge, expertise, preparation, and ability to deliver higher order concepts at a level that matched student understanding were all outstanding.

Tamworth High School Newsletter November 2010 Rotary International Keynote

The aim of the night was to show students what  the Space Industry does and how it affects  Australia. Ms Ellis was very inspiring, describing herself as a student with average grades who ended up working in one of the most intellectual  and exciting industries in the world. Her message was that good results come from perseverance.